About the research group


The Biomedical Signal Analysis Group was established in August 1998 at the Department of Applied Physics, University of Eastern Finland, Finland. The head of the group is professor Pasi A. Karjalainen, Ph.D. The main research topics of the group are event-related biosignal analysis methods and their applications. Other topics are e.g. mathematical aspects of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), dynamic inverse problems, and human motion analysis.


The research group has new laboratory facilities in the Centek building at the Campus area of the University. The facilities include soundproof room, Faraday shield, EEG and stimulus laboratory, and laboratory of human motion analysis.

At the moment equipment includes National Instruments PXI based real time measurement systems with LabVIEW software, programmable data-acquisition and signal generation systems, Compumedics NeuroScan SynAmps2 EEG devices, FastCam camera systems, and AMTI force plates. The soundproof room is equipped with complete audio-visual stimulus system.


During the last few years we have developed various methods for biosignal analysis. This work has been targeted both for the event-related transient type signals and for time-varying spectral analysis of continous type signals. As a result of this research a Matlab™ based software package has been implemented.

Current interests:

  • Mobile and telemetric measurements of biomedical signals
  • EMG and motion analysis
  • Applications of biosignal analysis to usability research

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