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Last change on this file since 146 was 146, checked in by tjniskan, 9 years ago
  • Renamed aedes_viewprocpar.m to aedes_headerbrowser.m, since it's now

a more generic file header viewer. The favourite parameters are also
file format dependent. Aedes_headerbrowser should work in Matlab R2007b and
newer. Keyboard shortcuts don't work in Matlab R2007b if the uitable
has focus. Might work with older Matlab versions too, but I haven't

  • Added a shortcut to aedes_headerbrowser.m in Aedes menubar

View->File Header. Keyboard shortcut CTRL-H can also be used to launch
the aedes_headerbrowser.m.

  • Fixed a small bug in aedes_data_read.m. The file header information

from DICOM files was placed in a wrong field in Aedes DATA-structure.

D aedes_viewprocpar.m
M aedes_data_read.m
M aedes.m
A + aedes_headerbrowser.m
M aedes_revision.m

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