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Last change on this file since 40 was 40, checked in by tjniskan, 11 years ago
  • Rewrote the handling of the old SUR and MRI formats

(an2_smiswrite.m,an2_smisread.m). Consider this as "legacy support"...

  • Removed depricated functions write_mri.m, an2_surread.m and


  • Now (hopefully) the name change is complete and all the license

issues are resolved...

A an2_smiswrite.m
M misclib/spectrsum.m
M misclib/shiftind.m
M misclib/nifti4dto3d.m
M misclib/nifti3dto4d.m
M misclib/dcm_info.m
M misclib/addicon.m
M misclib/makelcmraw.m
M an2_revision.m
D write_mri.m
M an2_data_read.m
D an2_surread.m
A an2_smisread.m
M aedes.m
D an2_mriread.m

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