Biosignal Browser

Screenshot of channel selection tool The biosignal browser is a tool for synchronous browsing of the measured biosignals. By using the browser a comprehensive picture of the measured signals and of the events/responses given during the experiment procedure is obtained. In addition to diverse browsing options, the browser also functions as a base for the analysis tools developed for different biosignals.


  • Browsing Features: Some of the noteworthy browsing features are the presentation of event markers given during the experimental procedure and of the response data, e.g., the latencies for a reaction time task. The measured data can also be scrolled in accordance with the given event markers or responses.
  • Analysis Features: All the developed analysis tools for biosignals can be used through the browser. The results from each analysis tool are returned into the browser. Afterwards, these results can be either saved in ASCII-files or printed out as report figures

The Biosignal Browser User Interface

Screenshot of the biosignal browser.

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