Software for Biosignal Analysis

Various methods for biosignal analysis have been developed during the last few years in collaboration between the Department of Physics of University of Kuopio, Kuopio University Hospital and te Brain@Work-Laboratory of the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health. As a result of this work a Matlab™ based software package has been developed. This software package can easily be adapted for the analysis of various kinds of time-variant or event-related biosignals. Thus it is well suited, for example, to the analysis of brain potentials and of the function of the autonomic nervous system during work load. It is possible to build analysis systems based on the software, not only for simple sense-related or attention-related tasks, but also for responses measured during complicated psychological tests. As an example of this kind of procedure, an analysis tool has been developed for the Wisconsin Card Sorting Test, commonly used by neuropsychologists. The Biosignal Analysis software package is currently under development and is not distributed.

Analysis Tools Included

* Biosignal Browser
for synchronous browsing of the measured biosignals.
* HRV Analysis
for studying the heart rate variability. The analysis tool calculates the commonly-used time and frequency domain variables from the RR-series.
* Single-trial ERP Analysis
for single-trial analysis of event-related potentials of the central nervous system.
* GSR Analysis
for event-related and spontaneous galvanic skin responses.
* EEG Analysis
for quantitative and time-varying EEG analysis. The time-varying analysis includes advanced dynamic spectrum estimation methods.
* Eyeblink Analysis
for detection and analysis of eyeblink potentials from electro-oculogram (EOG) data.
* Blood Pressure Analysis
for analysing blood pressure variability (BPV).

Brochure of the software is available in PDF -format.

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