Changeset 148 for aedes_roifill.m

Nov 3, 2010, 4:04:07 PM (9 years ago)
  • Added aedes_roifill.m for doing binary flood fill operation. This is

much slower than using the imfill-function, but does not dependend on
Image Processing toolbox. The goal is to make Aedes run with just the
base Matlab install. DICOM support will probably be the last obstacle
in achieving this, because it's going to be a great pain in the a to

  • Fixed overwriting ROIs in aedes_roi_copy_gui.m and added additional

information in the ROI copy button tooltips.

  • Some further iterations to the new readvnmr-function.

M aedes_roi_copy_gui.m
M aedes_getmatlabversion.m
M aedes_readvnmr.m
M aedes.m
M aedes_helpabout.m
M aedes_readfid.m
M aedes_revision.m
A aedes_roifill.m

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