Changeset 15 for an2_gui_defaults.m

Jun 27, 2007, 2:52:57 PM (12 years ago)
  • Almost all of the functions used by Analyze2 start now with a prefix


  • Deleted some depricated functions.

M analyze2.m
D cellsprintf.m
M spectrsum.m
A an2_cellsprintf.m
D calc_wait.m
A an2_calc_wait.m
D getnicedialoglocation.m
A an2_getnicedialoglocation.m
A an2_iseven.m
D iseven.m
M an2_revision.m
D checkcthdr.m
A an2_checkcthdr.m
D fitmaps.m
A an2_fitmaps.m
A an2_read_nifti.m
D read_nifti.m
D mrdread.m
A an2_mrdread.m
D res2table.m
A an2_copy_roi.m
D copy_roi.m
D helpabout.m
A an2_helpabout.m
A an2_res2table.m
D readfid.m
A an2_readfid.m
D readtab.m
A an2_readtab.m
A an2_killfigs.m
D killfigs.m
D roi_stats.m
A an2_roi_stats.m
A an2_juigetfiles.m
D juigetfiles.m
A an2_gui_defaults.m
D gui_defaults.m
D errordump.m
A an2_errordump.m
D export_gui.m
A an2_export_gui.m
D check_file_exist.m
A an2_check_file_exist.m
A an2_cellwrite.m
D cellwrite.m
A an2_rot3d.m
A an2_wbar.m
D wbar.m
D readfdf.m
D rot3d.m
A an2_readfdf.m
M b1_map.m
D uigetfiles.m
D viewprocpar.m
D cdata.mat
A an2_viewprocpar.m
A an2_cdata.mat
A an2_readprocpar.m
D readprocpar.m
A an2_data_read.m
D data_read.m
D surread.m
D deblanke.m
A an2_surread.m
D maptool.m
D resviewer.m
A an2_resviewer.m
A an2_maptool.m
D mriread.m
A an2_mriread.m
A an2_inputdlg.m
D roi_copy_gui.m
A an2_roi_copy_gui.m
D setdefaultbutton.m
D readctdata.m
A an2_readctdata.m
D readfidprefs.m
A an2_readfidprefs.m
D roi_inputdlg.m
M addicon.m
D imaread.m
A an2_imaread.m
D saveres.m
A an2_saveres.m
D rotateflip.m
A an2_rotateflip.m
D editstack.m
A an2_editstack.m
D plugins.m
A an2_plugins.m
M makelcmraw.m
D write_nifti.m
A an2_write_nifti.m

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