Changeset 17 for plugins

Jun 28, 2007, 4:41:58 PM (12 years ago)
  • Rewrote the handling of plugins. The plugins now work without the

an2_plugins.m. Simply copy a plugin M-file into the plugins-directory
of analyze2 and they should work.

  • Rewrote the handling of 4D-arrays.
  • Restructured the analyze2 directory. Some misc functions that are

not used by analyze2 were moved into "misclib" directory.

D uiclear.m
D spectrsum.m
M analyze2.m
A misclib
A misclib/uiclear.m
A misclib/spectrsum.m
A misclib/shiftind.m
A misclib/linebroad.m
A misclib/b1_map.m
A misclib/makelcmraw.m
D b1_map.m
M an2_helpabout.m
A plugins
A plugins/calc_t1r_map.m
A plugins/show_kspace.m
A plugins/diffimage.m
A plugins/copydataroi_plugin.m
A plugins/mean_std_between_thold.m
A plugins/snapshot_plugin.m
A plugins/profile_plugin.m
A plugins/voxels_between_thold.m
D linebroad.m
D shiftind.m
D private
D an2_plugins.m
D makelcmraw.m

(No files)

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