Changeset 25 for an2_editstack.m

Oct 30, 2007, 2:27:59 PM (12 years ago)
  • Fixed the bug in an2_write_nifti.m
  • Added automated updating system. It should work somehow already, but

testing is still needed in this.

  • Fixed the horrible colors in some GUIs in Linux.
  • Minor fixes here and there

M an2_export_gui.m
M analyze2.m
M an2_revision.m
M an2_fitmaps.m
M an2_data_read.m
M an2_resviewer.m
M an2_helpabout.m
AM an2_check_updates.m
M an2_editstack.m
AM an2_update.m
M an2_write_nifti.m

(No files)

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