Changeset 35 for misclib

Jan 25, 2008, 3:19:00 PM (11 years ago)
  • Added preliminary support for RASER sequence.
  • The default used in an2_readfid no longer depend on the read

defaults that are selected from analyze2. These defaults are now used
by an2_data_read.

  • EPI-data is now read into 4D matrix.
  • Added a small function for extracting info from DICOMs copied from

PACS system. The PACS system "randomizes" the order of the sessions
and this tool can be used to determine the session order used in the

M analyze2.m
A misclib/dcm_info.m
M an2_revision.m
M an2_data_read.m
M an2_readfid.m

(No files)

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