Changeset 39 for plugins/plot_profile.m

Feb 18, 2008, 11:32:09 AM (11 years ago)
  • Added "Recent Files" quick access menu in File-menu
  • Fixed a bug in plugins/copy_data_to_workspace.m that made writing a

new name for a variable difficult

  • Fixed a bug in the file prefix editbox in an2_export_gui.m
  • Changed references to Analyze 2.0 in all license notices to Aedes.

The name change should now be complete...

M an2_export_gui.m
M an2_cellsprintf.m
M an2_calc_wait.m
M an2_check_file_exist.m
M an2_iseven.m
M an2_cellwrite.m
M an2_wbar.m
M an2_rot3d.m
M an2_readfdf.m
M an2_revision.m
M an2_viewprocpar.m
M an2_checkcthdr.m
M an2_readprocpar.m
M an2_fitmaps.m
M an2_read_nifti.m
M an2_data_read.m
M an2_resviewer.m
M an2_maptool.m
M aedes.m
M an2_res2table.m
M an2_copy_roi.m
M plugins/save_roi_as_mask.m
M plugins/write_difference_images.m
M plugins/plot_profile.m
M plugins/calculate_t2_map.m
M plugins/calculate_t1r_map.m
M plugins/view_kspace.m
M plugins/copy_data_to_workspace.m
M plugins/take_snapshot.m
M an2_inputdlg.m
M an2_roi_copy_gui.m
M an2_readctdata.m
M an2_readfid.m
M an2_readfidprefs.m
M an2_readtab.m
M an2_check_updates.m
M an2_killfigs.m
M an2_roi_stats.m
M an2_saveres.m
M an2_rotateflip.m
M an2_juigetfiles.m
M an2_gui_defaults.m
M an2_editstack.m
M an2_update.m
M an2_write_nifti.m

(No files)

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