Changeset 46 for an2_getdataformat.m

Feb 21, 2008, 3:15:19 PM (11 years ago)
  • Added preliminary support for reading multiple 3D files into Aedes

as 4D data.

  • Added new function an2_getdataformat.m which tries to determine data

format of a file. The code in an2_checkcthdr.m is now part of
an2_getdataformat.m and hence the depricated an2_checkcthdr.m was

  • Removed depricated function an2_mrdread.m
  • Fixed a small bug in an2_juigetfiles.m that appeared in Linux

version of Matlab.

M an2_getfilefilter.m
D an2_checkcthdr.m
M an2_read_nifti.m
M an2_data_read.m
D an2_mrdread.m
M aedes.m
M an2_juigetfiles.m
M an2_editstack.m
A an2_getdataformat.m
M an2_write_nifti.m

(No files)

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