Changeset 51 for plugins/calc_asl_cbf.m

Mar 7, 2008, 8:59:57 AM (11 years ago)
  • Added an option for rotating 3D and 4D data.
  • Fixed a minor bug that affected nonlinear map calculations.
  • Added a plugin for Nick and Riikka for calculating CBF maps from ASL

data using T1-maps.

  • Fixed a few minor regexp and questdlg bugs here and there.

M an2_export_gui.m
M an2_rot3d.m
M an2_revision.m
M an2_fitmaps.m
M aedes.m
A plugins/calc_asl_cbf.m
M an2_rotateflip.m
M an2_juigetfiles.m

(No files)

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