Changeset 53 for an2_res2table.m

Mar 27, 2008, 2:13:09 PM (11 years ago)
  • Fixed a bug in an2_readfid.m that in some cases didn't calculate

the array length in procpar correctly. Also changed the handling of
array parameter in an2_readprocpar.m.

  • Fixed a bug in an2_rot3d.m
  • Fixed bugs here and there
  • Added some incomplete code for upcoming new features.

M misclib/nifti4dto3d.m
M misclib/fmri_corr.m
M an2_rot3d.m
M an2_revision.m
M an2_readprocpar.m
M an2_data_read.m
M aedes.m
M an2_res2table.m
M an2_copy_roi.m
M an2_roi_copy_gui.m
M an2_readfid.m
M an2_saveres.m
M an2_write_nifti.m

(No files)

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