Changeset 62 for misclib

Sep 4, 2008, 2:48:04 PM (11 years ago)
  • Added functions for basic fMRI analysis and resting-state
  • Added trend in the "show voxel timeseries" figure. In EPI datas the

the reference image is excluded from the time series and the y-axis
units are changed to "BOLD (%)".

  • Fixed an endiannes bug in an2_readfdf.m
  • Added plugins basic fmri analysis and resting-state analysis

M misclib/fmri_spm_volumes.m
A misclib/fmri_analysis.m
M an2_readfdf.m
M an2_revision.m
M an2_fitmaps.m
M an2_data_read.m
M aedes.m
A plugins/basic_fmri_analysis.m
A plugins/resting_state_fc.m

(No files)

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