Changeset 78 for an2_data_read.m

Feb 17, 2009, 3:00:56 PM (10 years ago)
  • Moved fMRI related plugins to their own subdirectories
  • Created a subdirectory for map calculation plugins and added a few

basic plugins for those. At the moment these plugins do not support
masking etc. and I didn't test them at all so be cautious...

  • Made a minor memory optimation to an2_readfid.m
  • Fixed a few issues in files related updating via SVN
  • Disabled some annoying warnings that Matlab R2008a and higher

generate from uitree and uitreenode functions inan2_juigetfiles.m

  • Coded something minor to an2_maptool.m. This is still stub and does

not work at all. Please don't try to use it.

  • Fixed a bug that caused Aedes to fail without generating an error

when reading VNMR FID-files that don't have PROCPAR in the same folder.

  • Fixed a javaFrame -warning (with R2008a and higher) in aedes.m

M an2_revision.m
M an2_data_read.m
M an2_maptool.m
M aedes.m
D plugins/calculate_t2_map.m
D plugins/calculate_t1r_map.m
D plugins/basic_fmri_analysis.m
D plugins/resting_state_fc.m
A plugins/fmri_plugins
A plugins/fmri_plugins/basic_fmri_analysis.m
A plugins/fmri_plugins/resting_state_fc.m
A plugins/map_plugins
A plugins/map_plugins/t2.m
A plugins/map_plugins/t1_3_parameter_fit.m
A plugins/map_plugins/t1_saturation_recovery.m
A plugins/map_plugins/t1_rho.m
A plugins/map_plugins/t2_rho.m
A plugins/map_plugins/t1_inversion_recovery.m
M an2_readfid.m
M an2_check_updates.m
M an2_juigetfiles.m
M an2_update.m

1 edited


  • an2_data_read.m

    r77 r78  
    283283  %% Read parameters from procpar file
    284   try
    285     [procpar,msg]=an2_readprocpar([f_path,'procpar']);%,'wbar',showWbar);
    286     if isempty(procpar)
    287       DATA=[];
    288       return
    289     end
    290   catch
     284  [procpar,msg]=an2_readprocpar([f_path,'procpar']);%,'wbar',showWbar);
     285  if isempty(procpar)
    291286    DATA=[];
    292     error('An error occurred while reading procpar file!')
     287    error(msg);
     288    return
    293289  end
    394390    if isempty(DATA)
    395391      DATA=[];
     392      error('Unknown error while reading "%s".',[f_path,'fid'])
    396393      return
    397394    end
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